no regret

Sep. 9th, 2013 08:25 pm
takachie: (satomi)
nyahahahahaha....~~~~ well still can't believe it that i'm crazy enough to go to AFAID 2 days in a row.... expensive??? YES it is... but still just like the title said no regret t all... the reason why i changed my mind from jak japan matsuri to AFA it's very simple... kaname and reika san autograph.... (>_<)
my friend said that i'm crazy coz i have to wait for 45 minute from buying the ticket until the main entrance just for an autograph and not just that, i also went there alone. but it's all worth it even though I'm having a backache right now hehehehehe..... wow i still remember the feeling when i'm in line for the autograph. the anxiety coz afraid that i won't get the autograph like the day before. when my turn come my hand shaking... (>///<)
i'm afraid that i'll freeze like an idiot in front of them just like when i met kaname in the 2nd day.when kaname smiled to me i just stand still until my friend poke(?) me and said "isn't that kaname?" and then both of us run to where kaname san stand *stupid* but we can't get through coz all female in the area went to the same direction *seriously i feel so stupid aarrrggghhh.....* but it didn't happend. i give my sketch book and they sign it, from their eyes i know i look strange coz they give me THAT kind of smile (or it's just my imagination???). the awkward thing is when i want to shake their hands they got confused then i realize that i give both my hand not one, just like when we wanna shake our hand in idul fitri *kayak sungkem gituh* aaarrrggghhhhh *max stupidity* after a couple second of awkwardness reika san shake my hand and then kaname san..... (>//3//<)

in the final day i spent my time walking around to take the cosplayer picture until the meet and greet session, and then walking around again until the main event which is cosplay competition. why i wanna watch that? that because kaname and reika san were the judges... and they look kakkoiiiiii~~~~ *fan girl mode on* to be honest since the second day i always imagining both of them do some fans service coz both of them cosplaying levi and eren.... and they did it the final day but it's not what i'm imaging.... *what i want is some yaoi stuff*. when they fans servicing my camera battery empty and 'bulp' it turned off so i cant take their picture *stupid camera~~~*

i hope i can meet them next year and now i'm thinking to give them a gift. coz when the meet and greet there's people who did it. but i'm confused, what should i give to them.... well i have a year to think about it but if you have suggestion it would be good... but one thing for sure, thanks to kaname and reika san i'm to excited to sleep last night XD
these are some picture that i took after stalking reika san twitter *kicked*

    from left: reistlin, reika, kaname                  reika san (levi) abusing kaname san (eren)
AFAID 2013
   kaname and reika san @ meet and greet

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