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another entry about undokai xD *hope didn't bored you*

last saturday we printed our bookmarks and art prints... but my friend said she'll add more art print (^0^)v
feel kinda guilty somehow hahahaa... coz i didn't produce as much as she did (=3=)
we're still waiting for the stickers, hope it come out well. i mean we didn't have enough time *and money* to reproduce if the stickers came out like a sh*t (TT_TT). last saturday we've to cut the bookmark by ourself coz the print house can't do the cutting. they only do retangle cut and our bookmark it's kinda weird(?) nyahahahahaa..... seroiusly it's painful specially when we have to cut the thin line in the middle... *cries* it didn't reach my expectation, the cut didn't look neat and even. gosh i feel so bad about it...  i think I've to add an appology note on it /-\
these are our product...

ganciart print


my friend's cat chubby try to help us xD

and this is our booth.... i hope we can meet you there xD
Booth Layout
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yeah~~~ I'm on fire today.... coz our keychain finally arrived from the printing house xD
but there's still a lot of thing to do... like finishing some art prints and sticker... (well actually that's my friends part ^^'). I'm just helping little bit this and that... so basically I'm free *kicked*. seriously I mean my friend asked me to join their circle but I have zero exp nyahahahhaaa.... so in the end I didn't make that much (what do you expect from a person who can't draw =_=) and these are some samples of our product /-\

lj 2lj 3
lj 1lj 4

btw undokai will be held 25 oct 2015 @Jakarta Design Centre
you are welcomed in our booth... (it's no. 8). and wish us luck in the undokai... (*A*)9

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