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it's been a while since my last post hahahahahaha.... Dunno what I should write, then I think I wanna write about kat-tun xD

well I never thought that I'll be this crazy over kat-tun. I mean yes I like japanese stuff since I was kid, I watched tackey and kimutaku dorama since... I dunno maybe 3rd grade or younger? *blame my sister for that* but I never know that they are Johnnys boys or what so ever.... I thought they are an actor and that's it...

in my late 6th grade I know L'arc en ciel and become a huge fan of them. I'm kind a Laruku and vk fan in my junior high. gazette, A9 etc I listened all of them and yes I admit that sometimes I thought my friends are stupid for loving JE boys that much *sorry*
sometimes my friends and I watched our fav artist DVD live together... if they came to my house we watched Laruku and if I came to heir house mostly we watched Johnnys. they know that I'm not a fan of johnnys so they got this idea to make me love johnnys...

when we watched I dunno it's summary or countdown I can't remember but I know all johnnys boys are in it. my friend asked me to choose 1 boy that I like... I dunno any of them except some news, k8 and arashi member which is my friends love and always boosting all time. I'm kinda pissed actually hahahahaaha.... but then again I tried to watch and choose. It's Kame... yup I choose kamenashi kazuya.... and my friend said "he's kame from kat-tun" then some of them laugh... well I dunno a thing about JE at that time, so I wonder do I pick a wrong member? but then I know it from a friend that kat-tun has just debuted so they still kinda newbie.

I don't think about kat-tun that much coz I still love my vk bands but it kinda pissed me of when some of my friend make fun of me for choosing kat-tun and said kame ugly (=_=) *well yeah I admit kame looks so skinny* although I know they were joking. what I hate the most is they give me that kind of senpai vibe coz their fav are kat-tun's senpai *at least if we saw it from debuted year* and I can't say a thing about it. I mean they're still a newbie so no wonder if they have less single right? but coz of this I started to listening real face then it continued to their other single and somehow I become a fan *yup you can called it karma*

then one day... the day that I won't forget came.... my friend who used to say kame ugly said she like no LOVE kame.... she said kame has become so cool and charming. I'm smiling but deep down I said "what? you just realized it now? nyahahahahahahaa....." but I think I should thanks my friend coz without them I won't be a kat-tun fan and I believe karma does exist xD

so if you're kat-tun fan, how do you know them?

                                            fav group pic 5
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well I stalked some twitter and they're talking about kat-tun's pamphlet? I don't really understand what they're talking about hahahahahaa... what I know just it's about 10Ks pamphlet. so is there any problem in the pamphlet or the contain? 0_0
google trans didn't help me at all hahahahahahaa....

edited : ok now I understand there's nothing wrong with the pamphlet ^^'  but the member kinda talks about the ex member and hiatus? well if anyone have the translation please tell me TT3TT


Apr. 3rd, 2016 11:30 pm
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still waiting for kat-tun's fan cam and fan repo.....
who needs sleep.... nyahahahahahahaa.....
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watched some music station's screen caps, then that sadness come back to me hahahahahaa... *too tired to cry what can I do only laugh right now*
that part when uepi cried and the other members made ughh.. THAT face..... I don't know.... I can't describe my feeling right now (=_=) and they sang real face which is the 1st kat-tun song that I heard and made me a kat-tun fans.....
I wanna scream "please don't make that kind of face...." but I can't. it's midnight already ^^'
damn... now I can't sleep (=3=) I hope someone will sub it so I can cry more hahahahaha.... *what a M*
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happy 10th anniversary my dearest KAT-TUN~~~~
good luck for your con and take your time. then make a huge come back after your long hiatus
I'll be waiting for you... (*A*)9

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back from a long hiatus in kat-tun fandom and now I'm searching for an old kat-tun's vid that I've missed... one thing for sure I've missed a lot of thing hahahahahhaa.... feels like there will be no end of it xD

searching this old vid lead me to the older vid like when kat-tun haven't debuted yet, something under 2006 I guess. but unfortunately most the vid are not sub (=3=) and when I found the sub one the link is not working anymore *cries a bucket*
why I have to on hiatus for so long.... *blame it on rl*
well I think I'm gonna search some more.... (*A*)9
I want to watch them in my spare time, specially hadaka no shounen *if I'm not mistaken*. Just saw it from a ripped video and the Jr's are so adorable. this is the first time I heard about hadaka no shounen hahahahahhaa.... *shame on myself*

well anyone do you have any kat-tun's vid recommendation for me? or maybe the place where to find?
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Find this kat-tun premium 2016 video on youtube... gosh I wish I could understand japanese TT3TT
and Kame really looks so good in suit hahahahaa....


well I understand little bit that they're talking about some award(?) for each member but I don't get what kind of award (=_='')
and there's a part where nakamaru winked at kame and kame tried to hold his laugh while performing... they're cute xD


photo album as birthday gift for kame...  but kame san you're so sexeeehhhhh~~~ *kicked* hahahahahaa...

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